Questlove to open retail store in NYC

April 10, 2012NewsComments
Questlove to open retail store in NYC

Questlove, best known as the drummer for the hip hop group "The Roots," is embarking on a new path - the retail world. BET reports the musician is opening a new shop in New York City's Lower East Side called The Hoodie Shop.

According to the source, the clothing store will feature hooded sweatshirts. The store will also feature casual pieces like Rocawear jeans and hip hop clothes as well as vintage items. Questlove is pairing up with Brooklyn Bowl owner Peter Shapiro to make the store a success. Questlove reports that the style of the store is meant to show today's generation a bit of a throwback to classic hip hop style with a modern vibe.

"Fashion-wise, for the skinny-jean generation, we're undergoing the first significant comeback of the hoodie since those Gap hoodies back in the early nineties," he told the news source.

The Hoodie Store had its name long before the recent tragic death of Trayvon Martin, and Questlove is quick to point out that the announcement of the store is just a strange coincidence.

"I never even thought about it as something a scary dude wears," Questlove told the publication.

The drummer got more in-depth with his response to the coincidence while talking with New York Magazine.

"I texted Pete and said how ironic is it that we're going into this Hoodie Shop venture now, with what’s happened," Questlove told the magazine. "How we gonna handle this, because I don't want people to think we're jumping on the hoodie bandwagon.'"

Questlove also discussed how hoodies have been a staple in his wardrobe for years and he thinks it is also a fashion statement of choice for many within the hip hop field and those looking to emulate their favorite rappers and entertainers.

"Because the hoodie and braiding my hair are what literally makes my Saturday: I'm getting my hair braided, I put my ­favorite plain hoodie on, and that gets me a great two minutes alone before someone recognizes me," he told the publication. "And I need that time. And I need that hoodie."

Rolling Stone Magazine reports more within the hip hop world are looking to expand into the fashion industry. Singer Rihanna recently announced she is in the works to create her own fashion line and apparently she's taking the job very seriously.

"I'm really pursuing a fashion line of my own," she confirmed to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, according to Rolling Stone. "I want to design. This is also a road that I want to earn it. So I’m working with designers, designers that I respect and [fashion] companies that I respect."

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April 10, 2012NewsComments