Rachel Johnson discusses dressing NBA stars

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Rachel Johnson discusses dressing NBA stars

Stylist Rachel Johnson is no stranger to dressing unique body types, as she is the fashion guru to some of the biggest men in the nation. BusinessWeek reports Johnson is the personal stylist for some of the NBA's biggest names, including the always stylish Amar'e Stoudemire, Chris Bosh and LeBron James.

She must be doing something right, as GQ recently named James "the Game's Best-Dressed." 

According to BusinessWeek, some of James' fashion sense is his own - think his headbands - but she's taught him and the other players a thing or two about looking fresh in hip hop clothes and high fashion off the court.

"Putting together a look for athletes, especially those who live within the size range that most of my clients live in - my first challenge is actually working with designers to have them understand the proportions," Johnson told the news source about the challenges of her job. "My clients are extremely tall, but I don't think of them in those terms. I don’t approach it like, 'Oh my God, this gentleman is so tall.' Or 'His arms are so long, what am I going to do?' It’s more about embracing those differences. You’re finding ways to applaud the length and the muscles and the build."

She adds the key to dressing athletes is tailoring, as they've worked hard to get the amazing bodies they have and it's only right to show the goods off. Johnson reports tailoring is something all men need to get into, as the right fit goes a long way.

"You have to make sure the proportions match their bodies," Johnson told the publication. "I think that’s one area where gentlemen in general need to develop their acumen."

As for the biggest man she's ever dressed, that award goes to Shaquille O'Neal by a long shot. Johnson said the 7'1" star is confident and understands the challenges of trying to dress him - including his size 22 foot.

Johnson added these men are relatively easy to work with and gets them to try new trends, as long as their sneakers are always fresh and comfortable.

"Usually, when they’re being styled, it’s like: 'Put me in whatever you think is going to look good, but please make sure that my shoes are comfortable and I can make it through the night.' That's usually everybody’s main concern."

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June 29, 2012KicksComments117 Views