Raekwon looks to his feet for musical inspiration

March 20, 2013KicksComments
Raekwon looks to his feet for musical inspiration

Rapper Raekwon is most well known for his harder lyrics in his Wu-Tang Clan raps. However, his most recent sound is more fashion-based, thanks to his love for footwear. 

The self-proclaimed sneakerhead admitted to Women's Wear Daily that he owns more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers and that he loves his collection so much, he tends to rap about them in his songs. Raekwon also opened up about the brands he rocks most, giving credit to Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Timberland and Gucci among other sneaker and shoe companies. 

Even though his love for kicks might have happened anyway, the rapper discussed falling in love with sneakers after seeing the members of Run-DMC decked out in their Adidas kicks and jumpsuits back in the 1980s. He's been addicted to looking fresh ever since - he has so many shoes he typically forgets what he has.

The rapper's latest album, "Fly International Luxurious Art," or "F.I.L.A." is set to drop in June. Raekwon let WWD in on the title's meaning, claiming the album, "is all about glamour. lifestyle and fashion." And that "all of those elements are going to be in the music."

It seems as if Raekwon is sticking to his guns - he dropped his most recent EP, "Lost Jewelry," Jan. 8, and the title alone hints at his love for fashion and bling.

Are you surprised by how many sneakers Raekwon has? Will you listen to his new music?

March 20, 2013KicksComments