Rapper Azealia Banks pushes fashion, music in GQ Style Bible issue

March 29, 2012NewsComments
Rapper Azealia Banks pushes fashion, music in GQ Style Bible issue

Drake isn't the only rapper to grace the pages of GQ's "Style Bible" issue as up and coming hip hop star Azealia Banks also got a feature in the men's mag. BET reports that Banks has been on the radar within the industry as of late and her recent spread may push her to the top.

Banks represents class and sex appeal in the pages of the magazine, rocking hip hop clothes including a purple fur coat that looks like it came straight out of Cam'ron's closet.

Aside from making a name for herself in the hip hop world, Banks has also had success when it comes to fashion. She was recruited to perform during Kanye West's recent Paris Week fashion show, while the rapper has also rocked the crowds as the musical guest for legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld's private parties.

Although she is finally getting to the top, Banks stays grounded, and doesn't let celebrity status get to her head.

"I definitely have more money and [expletive], but that's all virtual stuff," Banks told GQ. "I've been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the Internet for a while."

Despite working with big shots like Kayne West, Banks also reports that her greatest inspiration for making music continues to be herself and her own experiences.   

March 29, 2012NewsComments