Rappers make resolutions for the new year

January 3, 2014Comments212 Views
Rappers make resolutions for the new year

In some ways, superstar rappers are just like the rest of us. In fact, some of them even made New Year's resolutions for 2014. Whether career-related or not, some of your favorite hip hop stars have a goal in mind that they're trying to try to stick to.

In an interview with XXL magazine, Mike Jones admitted he wants to slow down, take some time on his projects and focus on what's really important. He explained that he's been too much of a people-pleaser in the past, and wasn't being truly present. 

As for Mac Miller, he told the news source that he's not going to tell a single lie this year - and he gave Future credit for inspiring his honesty. Bun B wants to be healthier both mentally and physically by changing his diet and lifestyle. B.o.B told XXL that his goal is to make it to every single continent, and also to clean out his overstuffed closet.

According to Gawker, Kanye West made a pretty lofty resolution when he resolved to never say anything negative about anything - including the Grammys and Nike - ever again.

So what's your New Year's resolution?

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January 3, 2014Comments212 Views