Rasheeda: How Motherhood Made her a Boss

May 4, 2010NewsComments610 Views

By Souleo. Inside of every woman is a boss; a strong vibrant character that doesn't take no for an answer and refuses to allow any challenge to pose a threat to their life goals.  That is the definition of a true boss according to recoding artist, Rasheeda who recently released her new mixtape entitled, Boss B**** Music.  For Rasheeda the mixtape is about representing strong women everywhere.


"Boss b**** doesn't mean being rich.  It could be someone in college getting her grades or a single mother holding it down at home.  It's women who are not scared to fight for what they believe in and be successful and be strong," she said.


One of the major elements of being a boss is being a confident individual who leads and doesn't follow.  Rasheeda has learned the value of this from supporting her 9 year old son, Ky, during his journey of self-discovery.


"Right now I'm teaching him to be an individual.  He wears his clothes a little different and people want to make fun of that.  I tell him to be a leader and don't follow anyone because when you make your own moves people will follow you.  So that's made me more secure in being my own individual as well and not giving in to being something I'm not."


The lesson is paying off as it has saved Rasheeda from the pressures many female MC's face of getting a major deal or a male co-signer in order to breakthrough.



"I've been approached several times but it all depends on the business of it.  I want to stand up on my own and be that woman who came in the game and did it independently.  It means a lot more to me that way," she said confidently.


With the rate of success she's experiencing Rasheeda is definitely leading her own path on the road to even greater success, thanks in large part to motherhood.


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Check out the remix single, "Bedrock" feat. Kandi Burruss, Diamond, Lola Monroe & Toya Carter


May 4, 2010NewsComments610 Views