Raven-Symone wants fans happy in their skin

April 10, 2012NewsComments
Raven-Symone wants fans happy in their skin

Actress Raven-Symone has been in the acting world since she first appeared at the age of 3 as Olivia on "The Cosby Show." Since she stole the hearts of millions in the 90s, she has gone on to find success on both kids shows and on the big screen, all with little drama and no trouble with the law. However, one aspect of the industry she isn't shy about voicing her opinion on is the media's obsession with stars' weight.

According to BET, Raven-Symone is fed up with how the media has shaped the country into being obsessed with being a size 0, which is an unhealthy way to think. Instead of being happy about her recent weight loss, she is upset that it has garnered so much attention.

"I’m not amazed. It was kind of irritating, because I didn’t really do it to get attention," Raven-Symone told The Huffington Post. "I didn't really do it on purpose."

The actress also told the publication that she is irritated by how important looks are in today's society and how she wishes everyone could feel comfortable in their own skin, wearing whatever hip hop clothes, dresses or ensembles a person likes.

"We're in a society based on beauty. We have fast-food commercials followed by a [weight-loss] commercial, so I can understand the fascination," Raven-Symone told the publication. "The way we function in society - it doesn't make sense sometimes because it's all based on how you look and then how badly you should feel after you eat the food we just advertised. And then when someone in the public eye goes up or down, it's like a major moment." 

The 26-year-old is currently starring on Broadway in the musical adaptation of the popular film "Sister Act." 

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April 10, 2012NewsComments