Real guys weigh in on "Think Like a Man"

April 25, 2012NewsComments
Real guys weigh in on "Think Like a Man"

The new film, "Think Like a Man," may have stolen the top spot at the box office from "The Hunger Games," but real-life men from various barber shops aren't as pleased with Steve Harvey's message. BET recently went on a barber shop tour to discuss the new film about a book that teaches disgruntled women how to act like a man in order to keep their men. 

According to the source, some guys showed Harvey some love on his honesty, while others openly admitted they think he is off his rocker.

"I don't know what to say about this, man," fashion stylist Dramion Coombs told BET. "Since I heard he'd come out with a book, I would not pay for none of his shows, none of that. I'm not supporting him no more. This is selling the game for $23.99!"

Another chapter in the book that has some guys sweating is the 90 day rule. BET reports this is a rule that women shouldn't sleep with a new partner until they have been seeing each other for at least three months.

"Steve, that's so prehistoric. Pre-his-to-ric," Ron Summers, a barber at the Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge told BET. "Ninety days, really? In 2012? Ninety days? Come on, now we've got computers."

Although some guys out there may not enjoy the film's message, most did enjoy watching the beautiful actresses work their magic in women's urban clothes. The stars of the film are also enjoying the success at the box office.

Entertainment Weekly reports the movie came in number one, grossing $33.6 million thus far. Actor Kevin Hart spoke about the exciting opening weekend saying he was confident the movie was going to be a smash.

"I knew the movie was going to do well because it was tracking well, but we were thinking in the range of $20-25 [million]," Hart told the magazine. "When it came in the 30s, that was a little mind-blowing."

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April 25, 2012NewsComments