Remembering the Style: Donna Summer

May 23, 2012NewsComments

Donna Summer's 5 Memorable Looks


The dance floor will never be the same again after Queen of Disco, Donna Summer passed away of lung cancer this past week. Donna was 63 years young and recording a new album, one many hoped would generate hits to add to her already stellar catalogue.

The five-time Grammy winner is known for classics such as "Last Dance," "On the Radio," and "I Feel Love," the latter which is considered the beginning of electronic dance music. To complement her dynamic sound Donna was also known as a sartorial icon with sequins, leotards, slits and dramatic feather boas. Check out some of her most memorable looks below.


Give 'em drama

Donna sure gave Liberace a run for his money with ensembles like this that combined sequins and fantasy.


In the flesh

You can't record a song like "Love to Love You Baby" without giving some sex appeal on stage and in daring looks like these, Donna more than brought such songs to life.


Oh the feathers

Feathers and boas were certainly one of Donna's best accessories when it came to visually mesmerizing the crowd.


Color on the dance floor

Even the shimmering disco lights could not outshine Donna in such colorful dresses.


Power pants

Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman who can rock a pantsuit. In later years, Donna wore a variety of these looks, which were always tailored to a T.

May 23, 2012NewsComments