Remembering The Style: Whitney Houston

February 14, 2012NewsComments449 Views

Whitney Houston's 5 Memorable Looks

While Whitney Houston will certainly be remembered for her voice we shouldn't forget to overlook her impeccable sense of style. Today we are highlighting the looks that defined her and leave a visual reminder in our minds of her star power she embodied.


I Am Not My Hair

Whitney proved that when it comes to a mane sometimes less is more. Here her sharp features are accentuated by a closely cropped cut.


The Bodysuit

Whitney chose to accentuate her slim figure in this flamboyant and eye-catching bodysuit, which shows he was not afraid to take fashion risks.



To the surprise of many, Whiney opted for a laid-back tracksuit to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XXV. What set the look apart was the white headband, which showed that Whitney could bring a little bit of Hollywood to the sports stadium.



Sometimes prints can overwhelm an ensemble but when you're in control of the look (as Whitney is here) then it works.



Sequins weren't necessary for Whitney to shine when taking the stage. She sparkled with her own brand of charm. Still she occasionally upped the sparkle factor with shimmering gowns.



Whether it was draping her shoulders or resting easily within the folds of her arms, Whitney knew how to work a piece of fur (hopefully it was faux).


Just a Gown

If Whitney had one signature look it would have to be her elegant gowns, which she wore in many variations including this version seen here.

February 14, 2012NewsComments449 Views