Revamped Brooklyn Nets logo works

December 13, 2012NewsComments470 Views
Revamped Brooklyn Nets logo works

In today's society, bigger and bolder is thought to be better. However, when it came to transitioning the New Jersey Nets to the Brooklyn Nets, simplicity was key. The owners, including Jay-Z, felt Brooklyn was bold enough as is, and decided to make the logo sharp and fresh instead of flashy. Fans and marketing personnel alike seem to agree with the decision, according to Time Magazine.

Fred Mangione, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the Brooklyn Nets, opened up about the decision to take a more classic approach to the Nets' branding. The look returns to the Subway signage of 1957, the last time Brooklyn had a professional sports team.

"We wanted to have something that would have a long shelf life," Mangione told the magazine. "We wanted it to be simplistic, but be something that would resonate through the times. The whole background came through going into the borough and going off the subway system and an urban feel look."

TIME reports the key to the Nets' growing fan base has a lot to do with its logo. The simplicity touches on fans' "emotions and pride," by choosing to go back to an era when the team had ample success.

Hypebeast reports despite the positives, some Brooklyn natives feel the black and white concept doesn't correctly represent the passion and life the borough oozes.

Do you like the Nets logo? Do you think it's better simple and timeless or should the owners have tried out something more flashy?

December 13, 2012NewsComments470 Views