Rihanna discusses her career, finding a man

June 4, 2012NewsComments
Rihanna discusses her career, finding a man

Rihanna recently got down and dirty for her interview with Esquire Magazine. The gorgeous singer and actress opened up about her love for her body, making music and hip hop clothes. She also spoke about how it's hard to stay real in the industry, though she's started to learn from her past mistakes.

"The attention is something I've learned to ignore. This is what I do. I live my life and they document it," Rihanna told the news outlet. "A lot of things I don't care for people to know, but it just is. That's what it's become."

The racy photo shoot involved Rihanna stripping down to risque bathing suits mixed in with army fatigue pieces including a jacket, a military hat and even dog tags and a whistle.

Some were surprised when Ri recently collaborated with ex Chris Brown on two records, though Rihanna admits she didn't think anything of it, she thought enough time had passed since the 2010 domestic violent incident, and just wanted to make good music with him.

"I thought people were gonna be surprised that we finally did a record together, but I didn't see how people could think it was a bad thing, you know? In my mind, it was just music," Rihanna told the magazine.

The sassy singer also discussed finding love again and this time for real. She told the news outlet she would like to be settled down with a partner over the next five years.

"Hopefully I'll have a man by then. I've gotta start there, right? But how far I go [with my career] is God’s plan," Rihanna told the magazine. "I'm just following through my destiny. I don't think it ever ends. It just evolves."

Rihanna may have to put romance aside for a bit as she continues her busy career. The New York Post reports she recently unveiled the name of her new fragrance, Nude, while sharing some racy photos from the shoot for the campaign ads. This along with her aspirations to start her own clothing line, a venture she's taking very seriously.

"I'm really pursuing a fashion line of my own," Rihanna told Ryan Seacrest recently, according to Rolling Stone Magazine. "I want to design. This is also a road that I want to earn it. So I'm working with designers, designers that I respect and [fashion] companies that I respect. I want people to really trust me before I just say, 'Buy it because it's mine.'"

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June 4, 2012NewsComments