Robin Givens is back to acting

July 5, 2012NewsComments
Robin Givens is back to acting

Robin Givens has been in the acting world for more than 25 years and although her acting chops are worthy, it was her personal life that stole the show for many years. Givens' tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Mike Tyson played out in the tabloids, but the starlet is now ready to put it all behind her. BET recently spoke with the actress about her life, women's urban clothes and what she's up to now.

According to the news outlet, Givens is set to play a guest star on TV Land's comedy "Retired at 35." She'll also be playing Wendy Williams in a biopic about her life. In her upcoming guest appearance on the TV show, Givens plays Dr. Keller, a relationship counselor who tries to help the main characters on the comedy show see eye-to-eye. She admittedly denies her character has anything to do with her past failed marriage to Tyson.

"I don't really count the second time [her marriage to Tyson] at all. I don't know, I'm not too into talking [about] myself personally, but that's just the character I play," Givens told the publication. "I don't think there's any correlation whatsoever."

One aspect of her life she was willing to open up about is how the industry has changed for black women in the years since she's been acting and also the ways in which it's stayed the same.

"I wrote an article years back for Ebony magazine about Black women in Hollywood and I interviewed Ruby Dee. And I remember her saying to me, 'Being a Black woman in Hollywood is like going to the ocean and only being allowed a cup of it.' I wrote that article 20 years ago and I don’t know how much that has changed," Givens told the news source. "I did a long guest run on Chuck and the woman I played was originally written as a blond [white woman], so we're still trying to break through our own glass ceiling. For me, personally, it's nice. I’m more mature and I have a certain perspective. I think there are certainly more great roles for women. We can’t think of it as, "Oh my God, I’m not 20 anymore!" I feel better now than I did in my twenties, in terms of who I am."

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July 5, 2012NewsComments