Russell Simmons is living the American dream

July 9, 2012NewsComments
Russell Simmons is living the American dream

Russell Simmons has had great success over his lifetime, as the mogul founded Def Jam records as well as a hip hop clothes line for men, and later for women. Simmons has always been humbled by his success and continues to help fund humanitarian organizations. In the wake of celebrating the birth of America on July 4, Simmons opened up about why he loves the great country in an op-ed video on The Huffington Post.

"The thing I like more about America is that it gives opportunity for all, there's a mindset here amongst even the most successful that everybody is welcome," Simmons said in the video message on the website. "The idea that if you come from the lowest areas, the most difficult areas and you survive and you become great and you become successful you're accepted in with a badge of honor into the mainstream. And most countries have a bit of a caste system whether they know it or not and Americans, their consciousness is such that we accept people from all kinds and all places."

BusinessWeek reports the mogul has most recently used his power to try and influence peace in the Middle East. He's has been trying to get both Jewish and Muslim rappers to collaborate on a CD and is trying to host a concert in Jerusalem for both Jewish and Muslim citizens. He is looking to play the songs from the record during the event.

"To get two Palestinians and two Israelis to rap, to make a video with a holy site in the background, that is a fun thing to do" Simmons told the publication. "Dialogue has to be cultural and music can be very helpful as a great catalyst."

Simmons recently visited the region and met with bankers, Jerusalem's mayor, the chief rabbi of Haifa and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, to see if his vision could come to fruition.

Ladies who want to show their love for Simmons can do so by dressing in his female line Baby Phat, including the Baby Phat Ruffle Halter Monokini bathing suit. 

July 9, 2012NewsComments