Say it ain't so, Khlo

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Say it ain't so, Khlo

Khloe Kardashian-Odom seems to have it the most together out of all of her famous siblings. Not only is she married, she tends to always be the most level-headed on the family's various reality TV shows, and is the sister who is known for giving back. However, it seems as if Kardashian-Odom may soon be in some hot water - she and husband, basketball player Lamar Odom, are being accused of charity fraud.

ESPN's show, "Outside the Lines," is behind the allegations, claiming Odom's charity, Cathy's Kids, hasn't used any of the nearly $2.2 million raised to put toward cancer-related causes. Though Odom's case was highly publicized on the episode, "OTL: The Charity Conundrum," ESPN researchers also looked into more than 100 charities fronted by athletes.

What the allegations mean
According to the extensive research by ESPN, Cathy's Kids, which was created in 2004 after Odom's mother, Cathy, died of stomach cancer, looks to raise money to help fund cancer research and provide for underprivileged kids. However, since its inception in 2004, it seems as if no money has been given to cancer research and that $1.3 million has been spent on supporting two youth basketball teams. 

The nearly eight years of tax records ESPN researchers reviewed showed the remaining funds went toward covering the charity's expenses, New York Daily News reports. This includes paying Jerry DeGregorio, Odom's former high school coach, an annual salary of $72,000 for helping to run the charity.

Even though Cathy's Kids was set up by Odom prior to the basketball star getting involved with Khloe Kardashian-Odom, the reality TV star has used her own success to boost donations. Kardashian-Odom has an eBay account in which she and Odom auction off their own personal items, claiming any money that is brought in from the sales goes to benefit Cathy's Kids.

Is there truth behind the accusations?
When the news first broke on March 31, both Odom and Kardashian-Odom kept quiet, though in the recent days following up, Odom's rep has come forward with a response. 

"The millions of dollars personally contributed by Lamar constituted more than 90% of the money raised by the foundation," the statement read. "All of the funds donated by Lamar and the other contributions to Cathy's Kids were used for one of the foundation's intended charitable purposes. Not one penny went to help Lamar personally or any member of his family."

Overall, the eye-opening show exposed some hard truths about how legit athletes' charity work is. Researchers found of the 115 charities looked into, approximately 74 percent "fell short of acceptable nonprofit standards used by the top three charity watchdogs," ESPN reports. 

Are you surprised about Odom's charity? Do you think the allegations are true?

April 4, 2013NewsComments308 Views