Shanell: No Longer Afraid to Get Sexy

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By Souleo. It's got to be hard, tight, sexy and provocative. I'm talking about the style of Young Money Entertainment's, Shanell. After answering a few questions, Shanell returns to JimmyJazz.com to talk her style. While she is now known for her tight shorts, leggings and edgy accessories, Shanell notes that it took her time to find comfort with displaying her body since she never wanted to be seen solely as a sex object.

"I used to be into the big and baggy look. I dressed that way because I hated the attention that women would get when they dressed really feminine. Whatever you tried to do whiter it be music or dancing a man seemed to look past your talent and look at you as a piece of meat," she said.


Finally she has reached a place where she doesn't care about how others perceive her thanks to the confidence and support of her Young Money team (Lil' Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj and others).


"Now I'm with a bunch of people that respect me for what I do and I'm comfortable. I don't have to fight to get respected or the right kind of attention anymore. Young Money is like a bunch of brothers and they won't let the wrong person say something crazy.

So now on stage I don't mind wearing whatever I want."


To get Shanell's bold urban meets rock'n'roll style check out her top 3 tips:


It's got to be hard:


I must have some kind of hardware whether it be the necklace or bracelets. I always have my nose ring. I love hardware like something that doesn't look like it belongs where it is.


Let your shoes do the talking:


I'm not a fan of the plain pump. It has to have some kind of funkiness to it with spikes or chains on them. They must come to my ankle too. I like shoes that look like if I wore nothing else but a shoe it would be okay. I think I will start making shoes since it's hard to find a shoe that says what I want it to say.


Look good underneath your clothes:


I have to have matching bra and panty sets. I buy underwear like every other day and a bunch of little sets. Once I can't find one to go with the other I start to lose it. I like when I'm changing and it's like an outfit under the outfit. I've had hardware on there too but those break.



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September 23, 2010NewsComments351 Views