Shante Broadus: Snoop Dogg’s Wife Targets Lupus

April 19, 2010NewsComments104 Views

and Empowers Women. By Souleo. Shante Broadus is on a mission.  It begins by partnering with the Lupus Foundation to raise awareness about the disease and ends with empowering young women all over the world.  Let's start with Lupus.


Presently there are1.5 million Americans diagnosed with this autoimmune disease and most victims are women.  For Shante that was enough information to get involved immediately to make a difference.

"Women like me are affected with lupus and most don't know about it.  So I'm out here to get awareness for it to save lives," she said.


In joining the cause Shante is now more inspired and motivated than ever to give back through her, I am S.H.A.N.T.E. Foundation.


"After seeing how I am helpful with lupus it makes me want to help our inner-city girls so much more.  Everybody may not have a disease but there is something else wrong.  So it inspired me to go harder with my own organization," she stated.


Shante's foundation targets inner-city girls 7-18 years old and teaches them life skills such as employment training, safe sex and more.  It's inspiring to see Shante being a living example of such responsibility by giving back and helping others.


For more information please visit: www.lupusla.org



April 19, 2010NewsComments104 Views