Shaq is back - with Reebok that is

February 21, 2013KicksComments817 Views
Shaq is back - with Reebok that is

Thanks to Michael Jordan, Nike had the sneaker game on lockdown for decades with its Air Jordans. However, Reebok decided to make a run at creating an equally desirable line of kicks with the help of another basketball phenom. Freshness magazine reports in 1992 a new player named Shaquille O'Neal hit the courts, and Reebok recruited the young athlete for their marketing campaign.

Shaq was a perfect marketing tool, earning the NBA Rookie of the Year title along with countless records and trips to the NBA All-Star games. With the help of the star athlete, Reebok created two basketball sneakers - the Shaqnosis - consisting of a black and white spiral colorway and the Shaq Attaq - which featured an impressive baby blue, black and white colorway along with the "pump" feature.

Fans of the iconic kicks may be excited to learn that after close to 21 years off the market, the two unique pairs of sneakers are going to be re-released. Shaq was on hand at the Feb. 19 PROJECT Show Las Vegas to announce the return of his kicks. ESPN reports the now-retired player was excited to break the news to fans.

"I was fortunate not to have just my own shoe but my two shoe lines," Shaq told the audience at PROJECT Show Las Vegas, according to ESPN. "I was involved in the design and the execution of the shoe, and they are bringing them back."

Despite Shaq's enthusiasm, it wasn't entirely his idea to re-release the sneakers. According to Freshness, Todd Krinsky, Reebok's vice president of classic, basketball and entertainment, decided it was time to bring them back. Krinsky added that producer-turned-creative director of Reebok Classic, Swizz Beatz, was also on board with the idea. Shaq admitted he had little to do with release idea, but was happy to go along with it.

"I'm busier now than when I was playing," Shaq said during the press conference. "This is all by design. I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities coming my way."

Fans looking to purchase a pair of the Shaq Attaqs will need to wait until April 19, while those looking to secure a pair of the Shaqnosis will need to be more patient - the kicks come out on July 19. Both varieties will be available at many retailers including Jimmy Jazz stores and Jimmy Jazz online. The Shaq Attaqs will run for $160 and the Shaqnosis will cost a bit less at $125, ESPN reports.

Are you excited about the re-release of these sneakers? Will you purchase either style?

February 21, 2013KicksComments817 Views