Shaun Boothe Takes Hip-Hop to a New Dimension

December 2, 2009NewsComments

By Souleo.



If you thought hip-hop was one dimensional, think again.  Newcomer and Toronto rapper, Shaun Boothe is out to showcase all of the different elements of hip-hop and his persona in 3-D fashion.   JimmyJazz.com was in attendance to witness the premiere of his new video “Poor Boy,” at New York’s Bryant Park Hotel Screening Room.


Shaun Boothe “Poor Boy” Video Trailer:


The event was hosted by Hot 97 and MTV personality, Cipha Sounds who kicked it off in his usual humorous style.  Cipha Sounds noted that he had to support Shaun Boothe based on his creative concept of utilizing 3-D and his unauthorized biography series, where Shaun raps out the biography of noted figures such as Diddy, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley and others.

“You need some concept because everybody can make music now.  So getting CD’s used to be rare and you would know it was good for the money and effort, but now it’s hard to get through the muck.  I think Shaun has a creative concept that will get a lot of people’s attention,” Cipha said.

Already Shaun has attracted the attention of many industry tastemakers who were in attendance to witness the video première.  While 3-D glasses were inexplicably not given out we were able to witness the video and all of its colorful and energetic visuals.  We would have loved to have gotten the full effect but we at least got to hear a talented new hip-hopper arriving on the scene with a catchy and hard-hitting single.


Shaun Boothe’s Unauthorized Biography of Sean Combs:


For Shaun Boothe, the inspiration behind the 3-D concept was all about stepping outside of the limits of hip-hop.

“I’m a diverse person and as artists we get forced into a box.  When I’m in a box I punch air holes in it.  So I’m packaging it so they get all sides of me and not just one,” he said.

One side that Shaun Boothe is not afraid to show is his vulnerable side.

“As rappers we have this superman complex that as an artist you’re bigger than human and perfect and polished.  The reality is when I’m on stage I try to become bigger than life but still want to show my weaknesses and vulnerabilities,” he said.




One such insecurity he must grapple with is the reality being a starving independent artist.

“When you’re an artist and put everything on the line that’s the biggest gamble on yourself and dream.  I have friends who are lawyers and doing things and I'm still here grinding and struggling pursuing my dream.  It is hard sometimes to accept that I don’t have the monetary stuff to validate who I am but I know that I’m doing what I love and looking back with no regrets,” he said.

Shaun Boothe is definitely moving forward and helping to usher in the new hip-hop talent arriving from Canada, one dimension at a time.  Shaun is currently finishing up his debut album and plans to embark upon a 3-D hip-hop tour in 2010.  It all sounds exciting but just make sure next time we get a pair of 3-D glasses.


For more information on Shaun please visit: www.myspace.com/shaunboothe

December 2, 2009NewsComments