Shontelle: Doing the Impossible

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By Souleo. For anyone who has ever faced feelings of inadequacy, experienced the pain of disappointment, or been brave enough to dream big you know that life can often seem like one impossible challenge to overcome after another. Shontelle has faced her share of life's impossibilities only to discover that there is virtually nothing impossible when you use your inner strength to defeat the odds. In this inspiring final feature of her Takeover, Shontelle reflects on three of her life's most impossible situations. Read on to discover how she used determination to become a successful swimmer, the one impossible challenge she is still struggling with that has left her afraid of marriage and how she used networking to find success in the music industry.

The Impossible: Becoming a top swimming athlete

I started swimming a lot later than other kids and when I first started swimming I was actually behind. I had a lot of natural talent and speed but not much real precession and skill. So they used to kick my butt and I just remember being determined to figure out this swimming thing. I practiced hard and I didn't give up. Within less then a year I just started beating all of the girls that were breaking records and stuff. It was pretty awesome. I will never forget that at all.

The Impossible: Overcoming my parent's divorce

That was hard for me because I was really young and all I knew was their love. I thought that we had that white picket fence family so it was a real shock to me when everything started to go down hill. Sometimes I think about marriage and I go is it necessary? Most of them don't work out anyway and then its and complications. So I guess that's the one thing I still have to figure out that marriage part. It's definitely my dream to find a husband and get married but we'll see. I think I lost faith in marriage a little bit.


The Impossible: Getting a record deal

Growing up in Barbados as a little girl we're watching all this stuff on TV and we want all this stuff, but we're wondering can we get it from here. So I just never knew if it would really happen. My family was really scared and thought I was crazy for leaving school to do this. But you just have to believe in it and just go. It was all I wanted and I started trying to position myself. I made sure that if I worked with a certain producer it wasn't just because they were the best, it was about how I would benefit from this. Who is going to hear my music if I do this song with you? So I tried to be very strategic about certain things because all I had in mind was the goal. I'm so happy, because I'm doing what I love.


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October 15, 2010NewsComments