Shontelle: Get Sexy in a T-Shirt

October 13, 2010NewsComments277 Views

By Souleo. Shontelle first arrived on the scene in nothing but a T-shirt. In the video and lyrics to the successful single, "T-Shirt," she let women know that you don't always need skintight jeans, a fitted dress or heels to seduce your mate. Sometimes wearing a men's t-shirt leaves just enough to the imagination to entice your partner. Today Shontelle perused the JimmyJazz.com site to find her favorite male t-shirts that any woman can wear to get sexy.



Nike MVP Puppets LeBron Tee

This is cute and it shows the fun side of the guy and the girl. So to wear this is really sweet.

Southpole Thermal Crewneck

It's like the cutest thing to just walk around in the house wearing. It's really sexy and it's cozy and comfy. You feel like you're completely wrapped up in the shirt 'cause the sleeves are long.


Check out Shontelle's hit debut single, "T-Shirt" here:

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October 13, 2010NewsComments277 Views