Shontelle: Perfect Nightmares & Imperfect Dreams

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By Souleo. Dreams and nightmares are the portal to the subconscious that can either terrify or bring joy to those who remember their visions.  Today Shontelle is granting access into her inner consciousness by revealing her three most intense nightmares and dreams.  Read on as Shontelle talks being chased by giant robots, the haunting old lady that she still believes is real and the sweetest dream filled with candy.  Dream on...



Giant robots and rolling hills


I used to have the most horrible nightmare all the time as a little girl.  It was just me walking through an open field and rolling hills in the background.  I would realize there was this big transformer type of robot following me.  I would look around and the eyes were glaring at me.  Every time I would try to run and turned the corner there would be something else.  I kept encountering different scary things.  That was one scary dream.


The scary old lady

I was on the computer one night in Barbados when I saw a scary old lady who looked like she was from "The Others."  I freaked out and jumped back and broke the chair.  I ran into my dad's room and told him. Then I ran back and she was still there.  I ran to another window and at every window she was there. My mom started teasing me saying 'Oh that's your grandmother spying on you.'  My dad swears this never happened but it felt so real to me. 



I had one cool dream where I could just float from room to room.  The dream was just me hovering around my family but it was weird 'cause no one was looking at me.  Then one day I was just so high I was in the clouds and the clouds were cotton candy, candy canes and gumdrops.  It was really weird.  People would think I was tripping on something but maybe I was thinking about being super human.


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October 14, 2010NewsComments164 Views