Snoop talks reinvention

February 19, 2013NewsComments
Snoop talks reinvention

Snoop Dogg burst onto the scene in the early 1990s after being discovered by producer Dr. Dre. Since then, Snoop has been cranking out hits both in the gangster rap category and the more mainstream hip hop genre. However, a recent trip to Jamaica helped Snoop realize there was more to life than what he was doing, and he opted to change for the better, Vice magazine reports. 

Not only did Snoop decide to adopt a Rastafarian lifestyle, but he also changed his name to Snoop Lion. Due to the transformation, Snoop has taken a step back from making tracks about guns and other negative ideas and will instead focus on the positive. 

The rapper opened up about his transformation and his latest album that will give fans a taste of his new frame of mind to Complex magazine. The CD, "Reincarnated," focuses on more reggae-inspired tracks, as well as songs that speak out against gun violence. For Snoop, the change is a long time coming, since he feels he's done all he can within the rap world. 

"I'm tired of rap," Snoop said during a press conference. "I've been making rap since 1985. Rap is not a challenge to me. I'm Uncle Snoop in rap. I wanna be a kid again."

Snoop is also hoping to make music his own children can listen to, something he's never done in the past. The rapper-turned-Rasta discussed how his looks and image have changed over the years in Vice, saying his previous style was "flamboyant and outlandish." 

The rapper added he's not too loyal to one specific designer or brand, but admitted he continues to rock adidas and Polo because their images are the same as his - "stay[ing] true to the streets." 

Are you interested in hearing Snoop's reggae tracks, or do you prefer his earlier work?

February 19, 2013NewsComments