Solange Attacks Jay-Z?? As Beyonce Watches...

May 12, 2014NewsComments744 Views

TMZ has obtained video footage they are claiming is Beyonce's little sister Solange attacking Jay-Z. Say it isn't so!!

It's hard to believe there could be trouble in the paradise known as Jay-Z and Beyonce, but from the looks of this video, there is definitely something the public does not know.

The alleged incident took place inside an elevator at last week’s MET Gala, where surveillance video shows a woman attacking a man who looks an awful lot like Jay. The elevator door closes, the woman connects with her hands and is pulled away by security. After throwing a few swings, she also lets off a few kicks while being held back. As all of this is occurring, Beyonce stands off to the side. Solange is also screaming at Jay, but there is no sound in the video.

According to TMZ, the three of them (Beyonce, Jay, and Solange) all walk out of the elevator together, but Jay gets into a different car.

Check back for more as details on this developing story are revealed.


--Kim Osorio


May 12, 2014NewsComments744 Views