Solange Covers Lucky Magazine, Touches On The Elevator "Thing"

July 7, 2014NewsComments209 Views

Solange got lucky. That’s right, Beyonce’s sister is has landed on the cover of the latest issue of Lucky Magazine, one of the most popular mainstream shopping guides. But don’t be fooled. Though the magazine has made the announcement along with the tease that she’s speaking on the elevator incident, Solange isn’t saying too much. But she looks great on the cover!

"What’s important is that my family is all good,” Solange says of “that thing,” referring to the elevator beatdown she gave Jay-Z back in May. The “thing,” as she called it, found its way onto TMZ and spread like wildfire, shaking up entertainment media one rumor at a time.

In her interview, Solange goes on to defer back to the statement that was released a few days after the incident. “What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and we all feel at peace with that.”

In that statement, the family announced that they had put the incident behind them, and hoped that “everyone else will do the same.”

The magazine’s cover line reads “Solange on Music, Personal Style, and Life In the Public Eye,” but true media experts are skeptical. If Solange was really going to talk exclusively about it in an interview, she probably wouldn’t pick a shopping guide to do so.

--Kim Osorio


July 7, 2014NewsComments209 Views