Solange Deletes Beyonce Photos Off Her Instagram

May 13, 2014NewsComments284 Views

The details in what is being referred to as #ElevatorGate are still sketchy, but the latest news in the Solange attack against Jay-Z suggests that the family drama between Solange and her brother-in-law is far from over.

On Tuesday, reports that Solange had deleted all images of her sister Beyonce (except for one, reports Jezebel) from her Instagram account started to make headlines around the web, and it’s looking like this story is going to slowly unfold.

Just one day after surveillance footage of Solange kicking and punching Jay-Z in an elevator at a Met Gala afterparty made its way to TMZ, all three celebrities have been quiet, as expected. Still, this recent move on Solange’s part to delete photos of her sister from her Instagram seems to be related to the whole thing. This, coupled with the prayer that Beyonce posted on her Instagram, the day after the Met Gala, are just a few of the clues out there for media-hungry fans to piece together.

Last night, Jay-Z and Beyonce sat courtside at the Brooklyn Nets Game in a show of solidarity. The couple arrived during the second quarter and seemed to be in good spirits, despite the press debacle going on around them.

--Kim Osorio


May 13, 2014NewsComments284 Views