Solange spills style secrets

April 18, 2012NewsComments
Solange spills style secrets

Solange Knowles may be related to one of the hottest stars in the entire world, but this girl certainly knows how to stand out even under such circumstances. BET reports the younger sister of Beyonce, who is now an aspiring DJ, recently sat down with French blogger Garance Dore to discuss her love of hip hop clothes and all things that inspire her fashion choices.

"My daily walks of life. I see inspiration in all alleys of my journey," Knowles told the blog about the inspiration for her style. "The potato man my son made two nights ago, the super posh women I met in Moscow the other night, the street characters on Hollywood Blvd…. When it comes to what inspires me, God has created such a beautiful playground to explore and I want to see and breathe every corner I can."

As for her evenings out on the town, Knowles admits she likes women's urban clothes that are colorful and comfortable.

"A simple silhouette dress in an amazing print or striking bright color," Knowles told the blog. "Yellow and fuchsia tones are my favorite to wear. I also love a nice clean white. "I’m extremely experimental with prints and colors, which I think draw me to a more minimalist design in terms of silhouettes and proportions."

A feature Knowles is most proud of representing is her natural curls, which she has been rocking for quite some time. She told the blogger that her day revolves around shampooing and conditioning with Oil Monoi products. Once a week, the singer/DJ also takes the time to wash her curls thoroughly and brushes them gently. She admits the key to brushing is starting with the tips, rather than the roots. 

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April 18, 2012NewsComments