Sophia Fresh: Girl Group Fashion Gone Wild

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By Souleo. From the sophisticated glamour of the Supremes to the colorful hip-hop driven style of TLC to the carefully coordinated looks of Destiny's Child, every girl group not only makes a mark with their sound but with their sense of style too.  Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer/songwriter/recording artist, T-Pain's new girl group, Sophia Fresh is the latest to carry on that tradition with a style that embraces each member's individuality.



Cole Rose represents the artistic flair of the group with her dynamic color schemes, creativity and sky-high Mohawk.


"I am very artsy.  I'll have some pants one day that will end up shorts one day or turn a shirt into a skirt.  My Mohawk came about because I had a break up and cut all my hair off in a rage.  I tried some weaves but the label liked the Mohawk and so I kept it.  With my style things just work themselves out," she said.


Of course every girl group must have their resident girlie girl and that honor goes to Crystal with her penchant for getting dolled up.


"I just got introduced to jeans two years ago.  Growing up it wasn't accepted that I wore heels and dressed up everyday.  Experiencing that made me more comfortable in my skin because I am different but I am enjoying that."


Skye finds herself somewhere in the middle of each girl's style with a strong mix of vintage and couture looks that is inspired by the classic TV show, "Sex and the City."


"Since grade school I always watched 'Sex and the City.'  At first I liked Carrie's style but now sometimes I feel like Samantha or Miranda.  I'm very couture but also vintage. I'm also a fan of Jordan's so my style really ranges."


As Cole Rose puts it each girl's unique style is all about encouraging their listeners to be comfortable with themselves whether they rock a Mohawk, heels or couture looks.


"We want to express our individuality so we dress in different colors and express who we are.  We want to show people that it's okay to be an individual as well as come together as a group."


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July 7, 2010NewsComments298 Views