Soulja Boy and Ja-Bar Plan Takeover

January 28, 2010Comments2981 Views

By Souleo. World meet: Ja-Bar, the protégé to pop sensation Soulja BoyJa-Bar is the first artist to be released on Soulja Boy's SOD Money Gang label.  The 19 year-old Atlanta hip-hopper is currently riding high on the waves of his fast-rising single, "Daze," ft. Soulja Boy from his spring untitled release.

Ja-Bar who honed his skills opening for Soulja Boy on his tour for two years noted that the two have a deep connection forged by their mutual love for hard work and determination to succeed.

"We both work hard so that's one of the reasons he likes me so much and kept me around.  I'm always in the studio or on the computer and so is he.  We are both go-getters," Ja-Bar said.

With that go-getter mentality Soulja Boy is setting Ja-Bar up for the big time, but as Soulja's experience shows the big time is not without its challenges.  Soulja Boy who has faced beef with Ice-T, made controversial Twitter rants and been a gossip target has prepared Ja-Bar for the industry's challenges.

"I think controversy and hate you got to handle that yourself.  You can't let others tell you what you can't do.  People always said I wouldn't make it but now I have hits.  So never listen to what people tell you," he said.


Ja-Bar remembers one particular night when Soulja Boy's support inspired him to keep going until his dreams come true.

"One year ago in the club at Grammy Party there was Paris Hilton, Jimmy Iovine and TimbalandSoulja Boy told me, 'One day all these people gonna know you and be here to see you and all this will be yours, but it takes hard work and dedication.'  So I know it's not a game and it's real business," he recalled.

With that understanding the two are focused on taking over the industry and giving other deriving artists a chance to shine.

"I'm gonna put out different talent and show the world all the different styles we got.  Ja-Bar wants to get into movies and his own label too.  We trying to be icons in the music industry," Soulja Boy said.

With their common goals, industry insight and sense of brotherhood, it seems that there are no heights these two won't be able to reach.

January 28, 2010Comments2981 Views