Stunna shades for men

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Stunna shades for men

Sunglasses and stunna shades are not just making a comeback in spring for the ladies who love hip hop clothes. In fact, stylish sunglasses are also a staple in many male rappers and R&B singers' daily ensembles and guys looking to resemble their favorite hip hop stars need to take notice.

According to EBONY magazine, the sky's the limit when it comes to looking fresh with a pair of shades and artists from Jay-Z to Usher and Kanye West have all been seen pushing the style envelope with their accessories.

AskMen.com recently broke down the top styles that guys need to try out this spring/summer. The source reports designer shades are in for 2012 and everything from colored lenses to rimless frames are in thanks to a heavy influence from music, especially the hip hop genre.

The Aviator

Aviator shades were made popular back in the 80s thanks to the film "Top Gun" and although they took a break, the style is back in full force. This classic look helps transform a casual look into a fashion-worthy outfit in an instant. This style typically has rectangular frames that round out at the bottom and are enclosed with metal rims. The rims come in various shades like gold or silver so guys can be sure their shades match all their accessories.


Sunglasses that don't have any frames surrounding the lenses, are making a splash this spring. These shades work well for everyone as they come in a variety of styles including aviator, rectangular or oval. Clumsy guys out there might want to refrain from picking these shades up as the same feature that makes them special also makes them more fragile.

Colored lenses

Tinted lenses have been around for quite some time and have been seen on celebs at concerts, fashion shows and more. Colored lenses are an update on the once popular mirrored tint and these shades can add individuality to your day to day style. Popular shades include blue, brown or amber, while some lenses are tinted with a gradient, meaning the lens color goes from one shade to the next gradually, according to the news outlet.

The Independent reports another trend that guys can never go wrong with is classic Ray Bans. Due to this style's popularity, the company has come up with a variety of new takes on the classic, including shades with Reggae inspired colors that will work well with a pair of Rocawear jeans or any urban clothes. 

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April 19, 2012NewsComments168 Views