stylEvolution: Cappie Pondexter

September 8, 2010NewsComments266 Views

By Souleo. You don't get to be a sports fashion icon without going through your own stylEvolution. On day 2 of her "takeover" Cappie is going back in time across various looks from her pre-tomboy days to her experimentation with fashion's dark side. Read on to discover how she went from playing with Barbie dolls to playing with skulls to finally feeling sexy in her own skin.

When I was younger I was innocent and not knowing. At this point I was playing with Barbie dolls and I would run with whatever mom put me in. It wasn't until I got older and into basketball that the tomboy in me came out.

I was starting to find myself when I cut my hair and my style changed. I was experimenting and even had designs on the sides. I think it was a dark stage too. I was really, really edgy with the short hair. I wore black all the time. My look was really edgy and I wore Alexander Wang and skulls. I think the haircut totally took me to a different place but it was fun.

I think it's just total confidence with the long hair. I don't think I'll ever go back to the short hair. I'm more expressive with my sexuality now. At first I hid it and said my arms are too big but I have a great body. I'm starting to understand it now and show my legs more. I look sexier now.

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September 8, 2010NewsComments266 Views