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July 13, 2010Comments421 Views

By Souleo. From her days as a founding member of Danity Kane to now working with Diddy as part of the Dirty Money crew, singer-songwriter and comic book creator, Dawn Richards has finally come into her own with a new high-fashion oriented look of edgy sophistication.  It's perhaps no coincidence that her forthcoming debut comic book series, Danity Kane mirrors her new style with equally dramatic and highly stylized illustrations by Kim Ji Min.


Trace Dawn's evolution below as she talks how Hurricane Katrina and being part of Danity Kane stifled her creative fashion sense, the need to embrace her provocative side with her sexy KING Magazine layout and why she is now more confident and self-expressive than ever before.

"People were introduced to me here with Danity Kane when I had a tragedy happen to me.  I lost a lot and I was homeless due to Hurricane Katrina.  So I did the best I could at the time.  So it wasn't easy to be the girl I wanted to be or dress how I wanted to.  I feel like there was a misrepresentation of the person I was because I really do love fashion."

"I actually wasn't naked in this shot.  I had a bathing suit on.  At this time I was looking for something edgy.  Everybody pegged me as a one dimensional girl but I love to be beautiful and to stretch the limit.  I thought it would be fun to do a different look for King and not do a butt shot."

"Now with Dirty Money I'm able to be more myself than prior with Dainty Kane.  I was in a pop group and it was five girls and we had to share fashion and always look great together.  With Dirty Money there are only three members and one is a man so the budget is a little bit bigger.  So I'm finally able to be more expressive and take more risks than I was able to do in Dainty Kane."


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July 13, 2010Comments421 Views