stylEvolution: Dondria

August 26, 2010NewsComments127 Views

By Souleo. Dondria has come a long way and not only is her journey documented by her musical rise through YouTube but it's also reflected in her style. In day 4 of Dondria's "takeover" she traces her growth from her happy childhood to her naïveté about the music industry to her development of her own style that reflects her newfound mature personal and professional outlook. Read on to see how Dondria has developed into a woman who doesn't feel the need to "dress like Rihanna" to feel confident and beautiful.

I wanted to be colorful at that age 'cause I had a happy childhood. I loved lots of pink and turquoise and now those are my favorite colors. Bright colors and brightness conveys an attitude to people and I was definitely a people person back then.

I wouldn't go to an event like that now. I don't think fashion mattered to me here. I just wanted to be comfortable. I don't think I really cared since to me it was all about the vocals. I wasn't interested in the other stuff that comes with being an artist.

In the journey between my last period and this I have learned that your look always has to be unforgettable. You want them to look at your outfit and say I love that. So I developed a passion for fashion. I look like somebody who does something. I also want to convey that you don't have to be half-naked to make a statement. There are ways to be fashionable and still classy. I don't have to dress like Rihanna. I love the way she dresses but I don't have to dress exactly like her to make my own statement. I can create who Dondria is and still be a fashion icon in the future and be taken seriously.


August 26, 2010NewsComments127 Views