stylEvolution: Donell Jones

September 30, 2010NewsComments146 Views

By Souleo. From hip-hop inspired gear to sophisticated and highly stylized stage outfits, Donell has gone from one extreme to the other. Not only that but his physical state has also undergone several major changes. In this edition of stylEvolution, Donell reflects on his style and reveals what's led him to recently gain weight as he heads into the next evolution of his life and career.

This was a little thugged out kinda look. I was living here in New York at the time. So I definitely felt a lil' thuggish. Plus, I wasn't fat and I had a lil' muscle. No one wants to wear clothes when they looking right.



I had a lot of funk. I love this look right here. When I wear clothes like this it really changes my personality 'cause I know it's showtime, and I start to dress up. You could see the women in the audience licking their lips and s***.



My normal weight is 145-150 lbs. but I feel a little heavy right now. Have you seen Mariah Carey? I mean when you got good love you forget about everything else. That means you start eating good and not really thinking about nothing else. So I'm just being happy. I think I'm a cheeseburger away from fat. I'm about to go back in the gym heavy.


September 30, 2010NewsComments146 Views