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By Souleo. If music is the soundtrack of our lives, then fashion is the visual indicator of our personal evolution.  By looking back on our fashion choices in life it is easy to understand who we were and what we were experiencing at any given moment in time.  With our new JimmyJazz.com feature stylEvolution celebrities will trace their personal evolution through style.

Our inaugural subject is veteran singer, actor and all-around talent, Marques HoustonMarques has undergone major style changes from his days with the parted mini-afro playing Roger on the hit show, "Sister, Sister" to his half naked and beefed up look to his now hip and laid-back fashion choices as seen in the promotions for his forthcoming album Mattress Music.

Trace Marques' evolution below as he talks feeling trapped by his role as Roger, why his style during the album, Naked is one the most confident periods of his life, how being close to 30 has eliminated the pressures of fashion and more.

"The part was there because, Roger had braids on the show and my hairstyle for Immature was different.  I was trying to merge the two hairstyles.  During this time I felt like as an artist I had to break free of that character and be totally different.  I felt that wasn't the direction I wanted people to see me in my later teen years.  That's why I didn't do the last season."

"I decided to be a little racy this time since I had to step out and show people that I was a man now.  I was kind of skinny growing up so I wanted to beef up more and be more masculine.  I trained for almost 3 months straight with a strict diet and only drinking water.  During this I time was very comfortable with my body."

"Nowadays my style now is more grown.  I am comfortable with myself as an artist so I don't try to be too over-the-top or this fashion guru that everybody follows.  I'm almost 30 and when you get to this age it's less about entertainment but who you are in your everyday life.  Nowadays I like Gucci loafers and jackets, Levi's, and Nike's."

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June 24, 2010NewsComments315 Views