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By Souleo To write rhymes as introspective and profound as Talib Kweli, you've got to be able to reflect. On day 2 of his Takeover, Talib is reflecting on his stylEvolution to let us know how he went from Bugle Boys to Jimmy Jazz hip-hop gear.


At 10:

"I was a 10 year old Brooklyn kid and I loved baseball and video games. I was wearing my little league hat, A for the Apaches. I wore it everywhere. I was really into Bugle Boys at the time. I liked clothes I could play outside in. This was a very comfortable period for me. As I get older, I feel like I'm coming full circle to the adult version of this."


At 19:

"Here I was the bookstore guy. You could find me at Nkiru Books during the day, at an open mic or in a park cipher at night. I think that I was really the hip-hop representative of the bookstore crowd. So it was a lot of sweatshirts, T-shirts and baseball hats that represented my outlook on life."


Side Note: "The lady next to me, Marcia, was a girlfriend of the guy who I worked with named, Aaron.  She was a big supporter of Reflection Eternal years before we had a deal and she was an amateur photographer who did our very first photo shoot."


So take a look at Talib's style now and let us know if you think he's evolved with style:

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February 1, 2011NewsComments118 Views