Sufe Bradshaw talks "VEEP," life goals

May 22, 2012NewsComments
Sufe Bradshaw talks "VEEP," life goals

Chicago native Sufe Bradshaw is having quite the year, as she is getting plenty of praise for her new HBO show "VEEP."  EBONY Magazine recently sat down with the star to discuss playing a character that is heavily involved in politics, women's urban clothes and her real life.

Bradshaw admitted being on an HBO show is much different than her usual roles including performing on stage and behind the cameras.

"Doing this show reaches a higher demographic of people, a larger audience. Which is fantastic and why I love TV so much, you know? It can reach everyone around the world," Bradshaw told the publication. "As for theater, it's really just in the town that it's being performed in. That's the great thing about the medium of television and film. We get to affect everybody around the world."

Bradshaw also has another passion in life - helping to empower young people to follow their dreams. She is doing so by creating a documentary on the children she aims to help.

"I've always been interested in the turning point in a person's life, are people born bad or do they turn that way? And I want to figure out if there’s a story there...," Bradshaw told the news outlet regarding her documentaries theme. "[M]y documentary is aimed at the turning point. Maybe if we can figure out the turning point in a kid's life where they turn it around - whether it's parenting, related to low self-esteem or their economic situation - if we can narrow it down and bring light to it then hopefully it'll result in lowering the numbers of at-risk youth."

TV Fanatic recently interviewed the actress and she opened up about how the show works to put a humorous spin on life at the White House.

"It's a really good time to laugh at politics because it's such a heavy topic," Bradshaw told the news outlet. "We try not to be divisive, to take the separation out of various issues."

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May 22, 2012NewsComments