Summer of Pwnage Series: Pt. 1

May 29, 2014Comments

Watch Dogs and Transistor Give Gamers Two Sides of the Futuristic Coin


In the past, gamers have been left to fend for themselves during the summer months, thanks to a lull in game releases. However it seems that many companies are bucking the trend and launching some of their big ticket titles, just in time for those lazy summer days. The following are two of our choices for what we're calling a Summer of Pwnage.

Big Brother is watching and then some in Ubisoft's highly-anticipated game, Watch Dogs. Taking place in a fictional near-future Chicago, gamers step into the grizzled, guilt-ridden shoes of Aiden Pearce.

Pearce rages against the government-sanctioned machine, which takes the form of cTOS, an invasive citywide system of surveillance cameras keeping tabs on Chicagoans 24/7. Ubisoft has done a masterful job of combining the open-world possibilities of popular gaming franchise "Grand Theft Auto" with the company's series favorite "Assassin's Creed. The end result is a game full of intrigue with plenty of stealth, racing, fighting elements.

If you're looking for a futuristic setting with more of an artistic flair, we humbly suggest "Transistor." This is the second release for developer Supergiant Games, creators of the critically acclaimed "Bastion." Players step into the shoes of Red, a famous singer whose voice has been stolen by a mysterious band of four.

But our heroine won't have to take this injustice laying down. Thanks to a large sentient sword accompanying her on her journey for redemption and vengeance. Players will battle their way through a relentless robot army using a series of choreographed charges, swings and thrusts. Throw in the beautifully rendered city of Cloudbank as a bank drop and you've got a game that's as pretty as it is deadly.


--Sherri L. Smith


May 29, 2014Comments