The Takeover-The Best of Philadelphia

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The Takeover-The Best of Philadelphia According to...SODA


Philadelphia is known for many things: being the city of brotherly love, the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and as our nation's first capital. Philly is also home to a rich music and cultural history including T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia), which gave us the O'Jays, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle and more thanks to musical team, Gamble & Huff. In more recent years acts like The Roots, Eve and Jill Scott have helped keep the bar high for Philly's recording artists. So if you plan to visit the city there are a few places you definitely want to check out. While we couldn't force SODA, BLONDEGANG, SOS or Theodore Grams to be your tour guides we were able to get their picks for the best of Philadelphia from cheese steaks to hookah bars to the art scene.


The Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) and Electric Factory

"TLA and Electric Factory have been here for so long. They are both super landmarks. Everyone we look up to has performed at these venues. This is where everybody goes to see great talent and to touch that stage where they once were."


Larry's Steaks

"Larry's Steaks is known for the cheese steak. They are humongous and it's hard to consume a belly filler. It's the size of the table and quadruple stuffed with meat. It is amazing."


Downtown South Philly

"You have so much going on downtown from the markets to the clothes to the music scene. You can get it all downtown."


The Takeover-The Best of Philadelphia According to...BLONDEGANG


The Plazza at Schmidts

"It's a courtyard with condos but it is like an outside mall with restaurant shops. The courtyard is a stage and we really want to perform there. It's a place for web designers, sneaker heads and hipsters and everyone hangs out there."



"It's the best hookah bar in the city and it has good Middle Eastern food. It's a calm place where you brush elbows with people you normally wouldn't."


Rittenhouse Square

"It is a park where you can go and clear your mind. There are people out there who paint, play live instruments and a Michael Jackson impersonator. There are lots of artful people down there walking around."


The Takeover-The Best of Philadelphia According to...SOS


Vincent's Pizza

"They have the best pizza in America. You'd probably have to go to Sicily to get pizza this good. They make the crust perfect and the cheese just right. It's just a little crispy and chewy all at the same time."


Penn's Landing

"You can chill on the water and see New Jersey from across the water. It's the best chill spot in the city."


The Takeover-The Best of Philadelphia According to...Theodore Grams


Max's Steaks

"They make cheese steaks on the spot and I know it is real meat. The people there are nice and the steaks are amazingly huge. I'm not sure how they can give so much steak away at a low price."


The Phrat House

"That's where the music is made with artists from our area. It's where I recorded a lot of my music."

November 25, 2011Comments