The Takeover with Carl Thomas – The Questions

December 5, 2011Comments

There are some voices that you don't forget no matter how long it may have been since you've heard them on the radio. Once you feel the vibrations of their tone and the piercing power of their notes you are reminded of the talent you've been missing. Grammy nominated R&B singer-songwriter, Carl Thomas possesses such a voice and he is back with his new album "Conquer" which is released Tuesday November 6th . To celebrate he has partnered with JimmyJazz.com and Souleo Enterprises, LLC for a takeover, or shall we say a conquering of our site.


As always you know we have to kick the week off with The Questions. This time we tried something a little different. Each question incorporated the name of a song from Carl's track list for "Conquer." Read on to discover what he needs to make it through any second round of lovemaking, the one thing that turns him off when it comes to kissing, his advice for women to take charge and more.


"The Night Is Yours," to...discover yourself as well as show the world who you really are.

The best thing about a "Long Distance Love Affair" is...the sparks it creates when you finally do come together.

The best way to "Conquer" a woman is to...show her why she needs to be conquered.

"Round 2" is always...better when you got an ice-cold bottle of water.

Making love..."It's Not The Same," when...you don't have a condom on.

"Don't Kiss Me," when...you don't have honest intentions.

"It Is What It Is," is...until it absolutely ain't no more.

"It Ain't Fair" for a man to always...do all of the pitching and all of the initiating. Sometimes it's okay for a woman to initiate going out, having fun or lovemaking.

"Sweet Love," goes bitter when...you don't love the person that you're making love with.

I used to find myself "Runnin'" from...my own success until I looked up and saw a reflection of myself I could absolutely live with.

December 5, 2011Comments