The Takeover with Carl Thomas - The Conqueror

December 6, 2011Comments

The title of Carl's album, "Conquer" which is available today, is rooted in his will to survive, follow his dreams and overcome any obstacle in his path. While Carl has enjoyed much success throughout his career there have also been challenges, which have tested his confidence and faith. Today, Carl opens up about navigating music industry politics, helping his sister battle breast cancer and how a Chicago Bears Super Bowl win changed his life forever.


The Victory: A Top Ten Album


How I conquered: "It's hard to stay motivated when you're a new artist and sometimes you're met with failure after failure. I was singing with a group and those no's told me to break out on my own and that's when I saw progress. Even then the chances of you not making it are so great. I sacrificed saving money to support my music career and seeing my loved ones on holidays. It requires a lot of faith but I stayed consistent and persistent to keep my drive."


The Victory: Helping My Sister Survive Breast Cancer


How we conquered: "A couple of years ago my sister had breast cancer and ended up having surgery to have her breasts removed. My family was given a big scare as well as a crash course in breast cancer. This was a battle where you can only be the support system for someone. You have to believe God for that person when they can't believe God for themselves. I became better because it reaffirmed my belief in the impossible. This past Thanksgiving we were able to laugh and play like when we were kids. It was a blessing. My faith is stronger than ever because of that situation."


The Victory: The Chicago Bears 1986 Super Bowl Win


How I conquered: "I was a kid but I helped them win because I purchased the "Super Bowl Shuffle" song, which was nominated for a Grammy. I was the type of person where I could see things on TV and believe it was tangible for myself. I didn't see myself in football but I was inspired by somebody from our city doing something great."

December 6, 2011Comments