The Takeover with Carl Thomas - Words to Live By

December 9, 2011Comments135 Views

Remember when your mama told you those words of wisdom? Well, probably not because you were too busy being rebellious and headstrong. But somewhere in life those words surely came back to offer some much needed guidance when you least expected it. To put it simply, words are powerful. As a songwriter, Carl understands the strength of words, which is why every word his mother and a few other special people have told him hold such significance in his life. From Gerald Levert to Jay-Z these are the messages that continue to inspire and motivate Carl.


"Before anybody can believe something you're trying to sell make sure you are the first believer."

-Gerald Levert


What it means to Carl: "I never put anything out there now without believing it first. It further confirmed why I do what I do and if in fact you're supposed to be doing it."


"Make sure that you approach music by being yourself. At the end of the day you only have a responsibility to be talented and entertain the people. So make sure you can look in the mirror with what you do."

-Carl Thomas' mother


What it means to Carl: "I've been following that since I was a kid. That is more than something that I live by. My stubbornness plays a part in preventing me from giving into some of the music industry's demands."


"Whatever happens, remember that your debut album is one of the best foundations an R&B artist could ever ask for."

-Jay Z


What it means to Carl: "It laid a solid foundation for my career. When I think about foundations I think of his "Reasonable Doubt," album. To know he felt that way about my artistry was the biggest compliment I could get."

December 9, 2011Comments135 Views