The Takeover - Eat, Pray, Love...and Sing

December 7, 2011Comments

Sometimes you just have to get away and explore the world through on foreign soil. Carl needed a moment of reflection and travel following the tragic and painful murder of his brother, which led to his hiatus from the spotlight. In the process of his journeys Carl rediscovered his inner strength. Today he shares with us his most memorable experiences abroad that helped him grow spiritually and even, experience what he calls some of the "hottest nightclubs" ever.


Brussels, Belgium

"They have some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. They keep them with the original architecture and I never saw anything that beautiful before. I am a product of public housing. These places were just dreams for me. Kids like me never get those opportunities so sometimes I think what made me so special?"


The Sydney Opera House

"My experience in Australia was wonderful. Again, I never thought I could do it. Being there gave me a sense of being and feeling fortunate. There are so many flowers in life you will never ever smell. So it would be a sin not to smell those flowers that lay at your feet. When you're given the opportunity to do something you need to feel fortunate to do so. "


Hamburg, Germany

"Here, I went to some of the hottest nightclubs I have ever been to in Europe. They have their finger on the pulse of the club world. The most unique thing was all the different languages people spoke yet the music was the same. It was like communicating through music. It was really different."

December 7, 2011Comments