The Takeover with Elle Varner: Behind the beat

January 12, 2012Comments173 Views

Sometimes the best part of a song is not what you actually hear but instead it's the story of how that recording came to fruition. Today, Elle is taking us behind the beat to reveal how a little bit of club fun, alcohol and a certain producer's tardiness led her to create select songs from her debt album, "Perfectly Imperfect."


Song: "Oh What a Night"

The story: "It came out of a trip in Miami. Me and my girlfriends went and we got to stay at my manager's condo. It was a really nice place and we were going out to the club and we were drinking. I was responsible for the car and the next morning I went down to the valet to get it. He was like 'Oh, you didn't come back with the car.' I said 'What do you mean?' So I ended up finding out later that I left it at the club. So this song is a fun club song that tells that story very well."


Song: "Refill"

The story: "We were joking around and my friend was making drinks. I started singing 'Can I get a reeeefill?' I just sang that line and a few weeks later when I heard the track and that melody popped back in my head."


Song: "Not Tonight"

The story: "One of the producers was four hours late for the session. I was just messing around and had this idea that I had started two days before on the piano. I played it for my dad. I sang the song pretty much off the top of my head. I went back later and edited the lyrics and shaped the song. It probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the producer being late.


Listen to Elle's latest single, "Refill," here:


January 12, 2012Comments173 Views