The Takeover with Elle Varner: The color of Fall

January 10, 2012Comments686 Views

If you haven't realized it by now, Elle loves color and she knows how to mix it up without it being overkill. Although, fall isn't typically the season of vibrant colors you can still brighten those winter blues with a splash of color here and there. Elle picks the best winter looks to add some new hues to your life.


Adidas firebird track top


"Clearly I love Adidas which you get from my single, 'Only Wanna Give It To You.' I love the colors. It's very fun and that's such a classic staple in life. It goes way back before Missy Elliott made it popular. This track suit will never get old."


Luxirie By LRG love plaid flannel


"I love this because I love plaid and I love the colors in it. So it's like a fun update of the typical black and red. I just like a nice button down shirt with a jean and a boot."


Coogi varsity jacket


"The varsity jacket is another thing I see coming back heavy. I wear my mom's varsity jacket a lot. It's really dirty but that's part of the whole perfectly imperfect thing. It doesn't bother me because that jacket has history. So I like stuff like that and I love varsity jackets."

January 10, 2012Comments686 Views