The Takeover with Elle Varner: Perfectly Imperfect

January 13, 2012Comments285 Views

Life isn't perfect and neither are we. In fact it is often said that our flaws are what makes us multidimensional, fascinating and uniquely human. This is the philosophy that Elle lives by. On her final day with us she is revealing the personal imperfections that make her proud to be Elle.


Perfect Imperfection #1: My scars

"I have a lot of scars. I was always a rough kid bumping into stuff, falling and breaking things. My nastiest scar is on my leg. I fell and my kickstand went in my leg and came out the other side. So I have this big gash because of the ugly stitches on my leg. Riding my bike, I've been hit by a car twice. This truck of gardeners was trying to check me out when I was riding my bike across the street. They didn't realize how close they were to my bike. I tried to back up and my wheel got hooked between the trailer and the truck. It flipped me over and ran over the bike, and my leg. It was bad. I've come to terms with those scars. I actually accept them and enjoy them because it tells my story.


Perfect Imperfection #2: My beauty

"I don't have big boobs and all these things people aspire for sometimes. They see this image out there that they feel like they need to be but it's such a false representation of a woman. Women are so many different shapes and sizes and skin colors. You have to say enough is enough. Look in the mirror and say I'm just beautiful how I am with all my flaws.


Perfect Imperfection #3: My musicianship

I'm not a musical genius in the sense that I can play an instrument like Jimi Hendrix or even Alicia Keys. But I write and I really connect with any instrument I'm playing. I enjoy it just as much even if I'm not the best. I accept myself with where I'm at and I just go for it.


January 13, 2012Comments285 Views