The Takeover with Elle Varner: The Questions

January 9, 2012Comments139 Views

Orange, purple, pink, blue and neon green are just some of the colors that come to mind when mentioning he name of rising singer-songwriter, Elle Varner. Like a splash of colorful paint onto a bare wall she is making herself known on the music scene with her unique raspy voice, eclectic style and bubbly personality. JimmyJazz.com and Souleo Enterprises, LLC have taken notice, which is why Elle is taking over the site from Monday, January 9th - Friday, January 13th.


Elle Varner is a graduate from NYU's highly regarded Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music, where she was named the "Most Likely to Get Signed" and "Most Likely to Win a Grammy." Now she is planning on making good on those predictions with the forthcoming release of her debut album is entitled, "Perfectly Imperfect."


With that brief background on Elle out of the way let's kick things off with the really interesting part: the questions. Today Elle talks the lessons she learned from her parents pursuing a career in music, why being a coat check girl isn't as easy as it seems, the best part of being a tomboy and more.


Color to me is...everything. It's life, it's alive, and I love color.

One thing I learned as a coat check girl is...put the ticket on the right hanger with the right coat. It's really easy to mess everything up with one mistake; it's a tough job.

My voice reminds me of...a glimmer of hope on a gloomy day.

My drive and determination comes from... my parents. They're really the hardest working people I know. They both started in the music industry over 20 years ago and no matter what came at them, they never gave up. Although they weren't hugely commercially successful they've always found a way to make space for their creativity and artistry.

Dressing like a tomboy helped me...stay focused in school without having all the attention from boys as a distraction. It helped me stay under the radar.

The one thing I wish I knew back then....that everything was going to work out. I had a lot of doubts. There was a part of me that knew it was going to happen but there were so many times where I just didn't know when or how.

When I can't find my left shoe...I tear everything apart and my room looks like a disaster, which is pretty much always.

I'm so fly because....I'm very confident in myself and it comes from within.

The biggest shift in coming from L.A. to New York is....the people. People in New York are much more aggressive, tough and in your face. People in L.A are more aloof and laid back.

When I fall down...I just get right back up and dust it off. I don't get too worked up about it. It happens to everyone just some more than others.



Check out Elle's debut single "Only Wanna Give It To You," feat. J. Cole:


January 9, 2012Comments139 Views