The Takeover with Elle Varner: From Tomboy to Diva

January 11, 2012Comments189 Views

It's probably difficult to see it now but Elle wasn't always dressed quite so feminine. Once upon a time she was a tomboy and in the process she discovered a few key style lessons including that you don't need to show all of your skin to turn heads. Today she is giving her most essential tips on how to transition from tomboy to diva without going to extremes on either end.



Mix feminine and masculine styles:

"One thing that comes from my early tomboy style is that I keep myself covered for the most part. You can take the Luxirie By LRG plaid shirt and wear it with jeans and a chunky boot to give it a feminine twist. You still have that shirt look so it keeps a little bit of masculinity."


Add some color:

"You don't have to wear pink and purple but you can add little bits of color to your wardrobe. That'll definitely give you more of a feminine approach."


Balance your look:

"Try to meet it halfway. Maybe you don't want to wear a miniskirt and stilettos, but jeans and stilettos or a skirt with tights underneath works. That makes it more fun but it's not totally crazy."


January 11, 2012Comments189 Views