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Essence Carson's hair and that of her former teammates on the Rutgers women's basketball team has been a hot topic ever since, Don Imus referred to them as "nappy-headed hos." Now Essence is ready to set the record straight on her hair and how it has evolved over the years. It remains a source of pride for her that she is proudly swinging in the faces of all haters, Don Imus included.


A Natural Woman:



"Keeping relaxed hair as a professional athlete is almost impossible due to many reasons. Aside from the nature of the sport and how much we sweat, keeping a demanding schedule including practices, games and appearances makes it extremely difficult to maintain relaxed hair. Due to this keeping my hair in its natural state was a no-brainer and worked out really well during games, practices and workouts. Another great option was a press if wanted a smoother or straighter look."


Just Relax:



"I wore my hair straight on and off during my college years. During my last year at Rutgers I wore my hair relaxed as it was easier to manage while traveling, doing interviews and transitioning into the WNBA."


Get a Boost or Extension:



"During a recent photo shoot my stylist suggested that I try extensions. The thought had never crossed my mind as I'd always had enough length in my hair. The results were pretty great as I enjoyed the different look that extensions gave me."


November 3, 2011NewsComments129 Views