The Takeover with Future - Beyond Tony Montana

November 10, 2011Comments135 Views

Let's put it this way: Tony Montana isn't the only wanksta in the room. FUTURE may have a hit song thanks to the fictional character Tony Montana from the film, "Scarface," but there are a few other iconic fictional characters that will forever be referenced by the hip-hop community. Check out who else moves FUTURE on the big screen.


Icon: Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown

Film: "New Jack City"

FUTURE on Nino: "He changed the game. Everybody wanted to be Nino. You wanted to be the boss and the man. Nino had great leadership because he was a smooth gangsta."



Icon: Ice Cube as Darrin "Doughboy" Baker

Film: "Boyz N The Hood"

FUTURE on Doughboy: "He had that relentless attitude and it showed you how when a n***** is down with you he goes the distance. He has that family love and went all out."



Icon: Queen Latifah as Cleopatra "Cleo" Sims

Film: "Set it Off"

FUTURE on Cleo: "She showed women can be just like the toughest dude. When she got shot she showed she was die-hard. If you gonna go out, go out with a blast."


November 10, 2011Comments135 Views